Lesson plans

Divide decimals

"Decimal Division Races" - Students race to divide decimals correctly and accurately in a timed competition with their classmates.

Grade 5 Math

Goddess Athena

Grade 3 Greek

History of the automobile

Students will create a timeline of key events in the history of the automobile and present it to the class.

Grade 9 History

detailed information about the four seasons with hands on activities and interdisciplinary connections to simple addition concepts and strategies

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt: Students search for items that represent each season and discuss how they change.

Grade 1 Science

Define and analyze problems based on variables, quantitative and qualitative variables, and univariate and bivariate data. Define and solve problems based on discrete and continuous variables. Compute pie charts, bar charts, dot plots, and line charts. Define population and sample. Interpret graphs with a critical eye.

"Graph Critique Challenge" - Students analyze graphs from news articles and social media, identifying potential biases and misleading information.

Post secondary probability and statistics

One Year Anniversary of the Reversal of Roe vs. Wade

"Fact or Fiction": Students separate sex education myths from facts in a quiz-style game.

Post secondary sexual health

descriptive writing with scary stories

"Descriptive Charades": Students act out scary story elements while classmates guess and describe using vivid details.

Grade 6 English language arts

story telling

"Story Circle": Students sit in a circle and take turns adding one sentence to create a collaborative story.

Kindergarten Special education

Broadcast Video Productions

"News Anchor Challenge" - Students will take turns being news anchors, delivering a short broadcast using a teleprompter and practicing their on-camera presence.

Grade 9 Audio Video Technology & Film

types of maps

Provide students with a variety of maps (physical, climate, population) and have them analyze and categorize them based on their characteristics.

Grade 5 Geography


"Add Up the Room": Have students count objects in the classroom and write addition equations to represent the total.

Grade 1 Math

novel study

Have students create a 10-minute "book talk" where they share their favorite novel and convince others to read it.

Grade 6 English language arts

Everyday Resilience

Group discussion: Share personal stressors and brainstorm practical strategies to build resilience.

Adult education Dealing with stress

Vocabulário game on dressing

Dress-up Relay: Students race to dress up in various clothing items, practicing vocabulary while enjoying a fun and active game.

Adult education Other

Christian Moral values reading book activity

Read a story about kindness and have students draw a picture depicting a kind act.

Grade 2 English as a second language

vietnam War

"News Headlines Timeline": Students create a timeline of major events from the Vietnam War using newspaper headlines and present their findings.

Grade 10 History

i need to make cool books

"Story Starters": Provide sentence prompts for students to complete, encouraging creative writing skills and using correct grammar.

Grade 2 Grammer

web development

"Guess the HTML Tag": Students take turns describing a web element while others guess its corresponding HTML tag.

Computer Science

Conjunctions in English

"Conjunction Charades" - Students act out a sentence using conjunctions (e.g., "I want to go to the park, but it's raining").

Grade 11 English as a second language

Εμβαδά επίπεδων σχημάτων

"Area Race": Students measure and compare the areas of different shapes using grid paper.

Grade 8 μαθηματικά

Εμβαδά επίπεδων σχημάτων

"Area Race": Students measure and compare the areas of different shapes using grid paper.

Grade 8 μαθηματικά